tirsdag 8. april 2014

# pink flower


                                some days all it takes is a beautiful pink flower

tirsdag 25. mars 2014

# insta moments

                      Being such a Nikon girl it has not come naturally for me to
                      use the phone as a camera.
                      But I love Instagram & all the wonderful images people shear
                      so I am hanging in there and getting more and more comfortable
                      with this format.
                      Leave a sign at  @gunnkmonsen  so I can find you to : )

torsdag 20. mars 2014

# windy

                   dreaming about warm wind in my hair, the sea  and the beautiful jumpsuit
                   from Kristine Vikse...... hurry up spring......! 

tirsdag 18. mars 2014

# anemone on my kitchen

                     I could not resist these beauties in my local flower shop today.
                     Love the contrast, simplissety and the softness.... 

# tuesday mood

via my pinterest

lørdag 15. mars 2014

# tulips

                       tulips on my table
                       my favorite glass bottle  & some minutes alone with my camera
                       saturday happiness

onsdag 12. mars 2014

# young artist

                            My thirteen old daughter have a thing for collage and words.
                            She surprised me and made me one to put on the wall.
                            "Eyes are the window to the soul"

søndag 9. mars 2014

# moving a picture around

a new marble house and the art of moving a picture around
something to do on a rainy sunday... ; )

onsdag 26. februar 2014

# soft

                  colors at the moment... soft turquoise, peach, off-white , grey and copper
                  and the touch of marble ......

onsdag 19. februar 2014

# in the air

                    Over my workplace I have hung a device supposed to be in my laundryroom.
                    It works SO much better as a moodboard than for all our unpaired socks.

tirsdag 11. februar 2014

# love fretex

                      Found this glass bowl on a trip to the local charity shop Fretex last week.
                      Have always had a soft spot for colored glass.
                      And for the price of 59.- it had my name written all over it.

søndag 9. februar 2014

# feather girl

                     We have had feathers  and native americans as theme this weekend.

fredag 31. januar 2014

# wanderlust

layout by me

           A cold january has filled me up with wanderlust and my soul smiles
           by the possibility to see Rome again this spring. I cross my fingers.....

tirsdag 28. januar 2014

# books & a glass bottle

       Love that the light are getting back and it makes it possible to take photos inside....
       at least for a few hours a day, without a flash.
       Hope the sun shines on you too.

tirsdag 21. januar 2014

# reading

                                                        ..... and so the story goes.... :D 

søndag 19. januar 2014

# lines

                            Pinterst is for me a big hang-up and a daily inspiration source.
                            These are some of the last days favorites.
                            Many, many more are found here, Pinterest

tirsdag 14. januar 2014

# tuesday light

             From my workspace at the kitchen I can see the light getting brighter every day.
             I have placed some of my countless glass bottles in the window and love how they
             filter the soft january light.

søndag 12. januar 2014

# sunday collage

          Just pictures I love on a sunday.

lørdag 11. januar 2014

# pale blue

               Favourites placed on my kitchen bench.
               One from my wedding, one from two lovely friends, one from my
               favorite shop and some more.

lørdag 4. januar 2014

# january weekend

              As the most of us I was supposed to get rid of all my christmas decoration today, but was
              "suddenly" captured in finding a place for one of the letter lamps I got for christmas.
              The letter indicates the name of my eldest daughter and made by my brother....
              His family really made a new standard on homemade gifts this year.
              The beautiful calendar I printer from this blog "Oh the lovely things".
                                                  Wishing you a wonderful weekend.